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An outdoor wedding ceremony at Eaves Hall on a summers day, a bride and groom who never stop smiling and laughing and some fantastic weather allowing guests to spend the entire day outside are three elements to a perfect wedding day, and thats exactly what happened at Rachael and Chris's wedding at Eaves Hall.

Outdoor Wedding Eaves Hall

Rachael and Chris had a fantastic wedding ceremony outside the front of Eaves Hall, the weather really was perfect for it - and then afterwards the drinks ceremony before and after the meal was also spent outside all day until the sun went down.

Neither of them stopped smiling or laughing all day long, and its clear to see from the wedding photographs that they both had an amazing day - I dont think I have ever seen a happier Bride and Groom!

Natural Wedding Photography

Rachael and Chris liked my informal, natural approach to wedding photographs, and wanted their wedding day photographing as it really happened, without needing to pose for pictures or be taken away for long periods of time. This allowed me to capture some lovely images of everyone enjoying themselves without feeling like they had to "smile for the camera" and these wedding photographs tell the story of their wedding day:

It was great to work alongside friends -  Aaron Rose Wedding Films /// The Flower Shop Clitheroe /// Eaves Hall and all the wonderful staff there /// DFC Lancashire /// Netty Bee Vintage Caravan Photobooth

Wedding Photographs: