Do you have a second photographer

To date, I have only ever worked alone.

All the pictures you see on my website were taken by myself, and then later edited by myself. I am very good at being “everywhere” and I have not felt the need for an additional photographer, or assistant – and I don’t let anyone else edit my photographs – the whole process from taking the photograph to delivering it to you as an edited, ready to print photograph is 100% done by myself.

How do we book you?

If you'd be interested in discussing booking me to photograph your wedding, please use the contact me form or give me a call on 07590 045 043. I usually aim to respond to all enquiries within 1-2 days and usually by phone. 

Booking is really simple and just requires a 2 page form to be filled out, with all the information you have about your wedding. 

A 20% deposit is required to book, with the 80% being due 1 month prior to your wedding date.

That's it!

How far in advance do we book?

There is no limit on this!

Generally, I take booking 12-24 months in advance of the wedding date, however I have taken last minute bokings and cancellations, and I have a number of 2019 and 2020 bookings - so there really is no strict rule to how far in advance to book!

How many pictures do we get?

Again, there is no limit on this! Typically I am to supply upwards of 700 photographs, and often I exceed 900. All photographs are fully edited and optimised ready for print. All photographs come with an unlimited use copyright - which means you can print and share the photos to your