Cathy & Alex Wedding Photographs Deighton Lodge York

The Grand Hotel York and Deighton Lodge 28/12/2016

By Nick English Photography - Lancashire & Yorkshiire Wedding Photographer

Cathy & Alex were married at the stunning Grand Hotel in York on a perfect winter's day. As I approached Deighton Lodge where Cathy and her bridesmaids were getting ready, the sun was just beginning to rise, and the frosty grass crunched under-foot as I walked across it. My car read -5c but it looked like a summer's day outside! A hot air balloon floated past over the Lodge, what a fantastic morning it must have looked from up there!

Cathy and Alex had chosen to hold their wedding at Deighton Lodge, a venue owned by their close friends (and best-man!) Drew and Carla. This was the first ever wedding to take place in the recently renovated barn, so everyone was excited to see how it looked.

Inside the warm Lodge, Cathy was getting ready, having her makeup done whilst watching the night skies turn orange and blue as the sun came up - it really was a perfect morning!

Just around the corner, Deighton Lodge was having its final finishing touches applied, and the room looked fantastic - ready for everyone to arrive back there later after the wedding ceremony.

Once everyone was ready, we all headed towards York, to The Grand Hotel, where Cathy and Alex were married, followed by a drinks reception overlooking the York Minster - a pretty stunning setting!
Despite the sub-zero temperatures, we ventured outside for a few minutes; and even though the walls were shut due to icy surfaces, we got some lovely photos in the courtyard of the hotel. Everyone was congratulating Cathy & Alex as we walked through York for a quick stroll.

Later, a bus took everyone back to Deighton Lodge - which had been recently renovated and decorated ready for its first wedding inside the barn, and it looked fantastic! The owners, Drew and Carla had spent all Christmas getting it ready, and the attention to detail was superb. I especially liked the old cartwheels suspended from the ceiling, wrapped in vintage light bulbs to give a lovely warm and festive light to the whole barn. The barn was toasty warm having been heated all day by a petrol heater, and the (rather large!) stash of booze outside was being kept nice and chilled in the open air!

Despite the weather outside being -6c and thick fog, the atmosphere inside the barn was full of warmth and enjoyment!

The rest of the night was spent with lots of food (each table had its own nominated Chef who had to cut the meat for the others!), free booze for all guests and a fantastic performance from Filter House saw the guests partying into the early hours!

On with the photos!

Deighton Lodge Wedding Photography

This was my first experience at photographing a wedding at the superb Deighton Lodge Wedding Venue, and I loved everything about it! Cathy and Alex were able to design their own wedding exactly how they wanted it, and Deighton Lodge provided the perfect wedding venue location for their wedding. I hope I have more opportunities in the future to photograph weddings at this rustic barn wedding venue!