Jess & Callum | Eaves Hall Wedding Photographs

Eaves Hall Wedding | West Bradford | Clitheroe - Lancashire

by Nick English Photography | Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Beautiful Autumn Colours Wedding At Eaves Hall Lancashire

Eaves Hall in Lancashire on a beautiful sunny day in Autumn has got to be one of my favourite places to be! The colours in these photographs should hopefully speak for themselves!!
Jessica & Callum enjoyed their wedding day at Eaves Hall with close friends and family - I think it was fair to say that everyone had a brilliant day!

Bridal Preparations Eaves Hall Lancashire

Jess spent the morning with the girls down in the Eaves Hall Lodge before moving over to the Kemple Bridal Suite at Eaves Hall - my favourite room. This room has 5 massive windows which flood the room with lovely light. The morning was basically spent with the bridesmaids laughing their heads off, before helping Jess into her beautiful wedding dress, when it all suddenly got very real! Jess walked down the staircase with her Dad towards Callum who was waiting, increasingly nervous, at the top of the aisle.

The wedding ceremony was full of laughter and smiles and it wasn't long before they headed back up the aisle and then outside onto the courtyard for canapes and wedding confetti - one of my favourite parts of the day! 

Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

My favourite time of the day for photographs is straight after the wedding ceremony, when everyone comes outside - I like to blend in as a guest, and capture what is going on through my camera as guests congratulate the bride and groom, enjoy their first drinks and the warm sunshine - the drinks reception is a great time for natural wedding photographs. 

I took Jess and Callum for a quick 5 minute walk through the stunning grounds for some photographs - nothing posed or practised, just some fun, natural happy photographs, showing how these two felt at that moment - which I think the photographs will show was definitely a happy feeling!

The colours of Eaves Hall grounds are amazing at this time of year - and the reds / oranges and yellows look even better with sunlight hitting the trees. Jess's matching hair colour was the cherry on the cake, and I just love the way her hair matches the low October sun catching the red Ash trees.

Here's a few photographs from their amazing Eaves Hall autumn wedding!

It was great to work with MoviArt Wedding Films again for this Eaves Hall wedding!